What’s Giga-Block?

Giga-Block is a open frame based Samsung DID LCD display Solution.
Samsung DID panels can be open framed DID monitors by simply mounting
Giga-Block kit. It is upgraded DID solutin from Mega Block for digital signage,
video wall, Network display applications.

Features & Benefits

Easy to build a DID open frame monitor.

Offers Giga plate as a standard mounting plate.

Panel optimized A/D image processor board.

Automatic controlled BLDC fan.

Modular SMPS for circuit & Back-light inverter.

Additional places to mount any other auxiliary electronics.

Building Giga-Block

Giga Plate

  • Giga Plate is a steel mounting plate That has optimized mechanism for samsung DID panels.
    Electronic components such as A/D board, SMPS and PC boards can be mounted on Giga plate.
    There are mounting places to attach BLDC motor fans to cool down the heat from electromics and panel.
    Screw driver is the only tool to build A Giga-Block based monitor.

Basic Giga Block

  • Basic Giga-Block kit can drive Sansung DID panel unit. It is composed of below units.

    Giga plate

    A/D Board

    Circuit SMPS (80W)

    Modular Inverter SMPS (300W)

    BLDC Silent Cooling Fans

    Cables and Accessories

Extra Units

  • In addition, extra feature units can Be mounted on the Giga plate, such as.

    MicroATX Based PC Board

    3.5” Hard Disk Drive

    PC Power

    Optical Disk Drive (CD, DVD)

    VESA Wall Mount Unit

    Any Customized Feature Board

Features & Benefits

  • HDMI/DVI/RGB Video Inputs

  • Component, AV1, AV2, Svideo Input (Extended Option)

  • SPDIF Digital Sound Output for HDMI Video Input

  • PC, AV, Component Sound Input (Extended Option)

  • RS-232 Serial Control

  • 7W + 7W Speaker Sound Output (Extended Option)

  • Automatic Fan Control by Temperature Sensor

  • Digital Video Wall Extention(RGB/DVI(HDMI)/RS232)

  • Natural Mode Video Wall

  • Analog Video Wall Extention (Component/Svideo/AV)

  • Max 8 BLDC Cooling Fan Drive (Depends on Panel)

  • Neptune Network Digital Media Plater Attatchable

  • Automatic Dimming Control by Light Sensor(Sensor Option)